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pdf), Text File (. Not every student will grow up and study physics on a deeper level, but everyone uses basic physics concepts to navigate everyday life. 1. Calculate the dot or scalar product of vectors STEM_GP12WE-If-40 2. 1, Fig. "Ideas, Thoughts and Recent Trends on the Frontiers of Foundations of Theoretical Physics", Keynote at the 2014 Across-Strait Conference on ``Particle Physics and Field Theory'', held at the Interdisciplinary Center of Theoretical Science, University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, Anhui Province; China) . The electric E → and magnetic B → fields are perpendicular to the direction of propagation. 3) An electromagnetic wave is propagating towards the west. The present work introduces and investigates the theoretical aspects of gravitational waves, and studies in depth a special class of these phenomena: the plane-fronted gravitational waves with parallel rays, also known as pp Understanding Standing Wave Diagrams 3 - One Fixed End and One Open End. It is here that Einstein connected the dots to suggest that gravity is the warping of space and time. Electricity and magnetism in Einstein's relativity; FAQ for high school physics. These IB Physics IA Ideas Will Help You Get A High Score In Your IB Physics IA. Despite the exciting and ex-traordinary development of ideas throughout the history of physics, observations remain essential to the very core of the subject. Understanding waves helps us to communicate. Internal Assessment. Even in projectile motion, you have a lot of application of trigonometry. It is a project that you will work on with the guidance of your teacher (or your tutor). When an object vibrates, it causes the surrounding air molecules to vibrate, initiating a chain reaction of sound wave vibrations throughout the medium. DP Chemistry IA Template and Checklist. O. These days, therefore, com-Blog. It involved measuring the frequency of a wineglass, and changing the content inside it. How are calamity physics different from chaos theory? Do the concepts in Calamity Physics reflect reality? How do physic professionals view the opinions in Calamity Physics? Can Calamity Physics become a legitimate area of study? Where did the author of Calamity Physics get her ideas from? Physics IA Topics Ideas for Studying Physics ia topics sl Cracking the IB Physics IA can seem like a challenging task from afar, but like any other assessment, only the beginning is the hardest. Waves. This page contains a set of 67 concept (clicker) questions with answer key on the topic of waves, available for free download in Power Point or pdf format. " We perceive time as past present and future. M. As a Cornell physics major, you are introduced to the foundational theories of physics—classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics—and to the ways physicists "do" physics, as you engage in hands-on activities in our lab courses. Physics Project Ideas - Calcium Chloride As A Natural Dehumidifier Calcium Chloride salt has an amazing property. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. Calculate directions and magnitudes of STEM_GP12V-Ia- Nov 29, 2020 · The score each IA received is in brackets at the end. B) vertical and pointing down. Smart Agriculture System. IB Physics IA Ideas - Waves IB Physics IA Ideas - Electricity and Magnetism The primary focus of your IB Physics IA should be on applying your scientific thinking to explore concepts you have learnt before and document them accordingly. E: The Nature of Light (Exercises) 1. 1 Observing gravitational waves in new frequency ranges with atomic sensors The detection of GWs by LIGO/Virgo optical interferom- Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves. Science is Fun in the Lab of ShakhashiriPHY-222 Classical Physics II (5) Continues Classical Physics I. IA Maths SL 4. I expect you to remember everything we learned in the first year. Physics is generally regarded as the most fundamental scientific discipline. $ 32. Waves radiate information. pdf from SCIENCE Physics at Kempner H S. Understanding of the big idea is built up by a series of key concepts at age 11-16, which have been organised into teaching topics. Investigation. Physics with Video Analysis. Exemplars for the IB Physics IA: 2. On time Delivery. 300 IA Ideas. A Q & A bulletin board for high school physics problems. Gamma waves have a very long wavelength. Transverse waves and Mechanical waves are examples of mechanical waves. By converting our sims to HTML5, we make them seamlessly available across platforms and devices. Mostly Science resources. Physics ia ideas waves Below is a list of sample research questions that can be used for the IA. 1327+ Video tutorials, 1227+ PDF IB Resources, 195+ Sample IAs, 148+ EEs, 6942+ Sample There are a lot of interesting ideas in physics, especially in modern physics. com 19, Looking at how the density of water affects single-slit diffraction patterns of waves. In fact, this is the role of the laws and theories of Physics that influence every aspect of our physical existence. Quantum mechanics has paved the way for new engineering inventions and technologies, such as the laser and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Explore any of the concepts of electromagnetism. Upper bounds Sep 12, 2021 · Trigonometry in Physics. Physics GRE Topics. Whether the light is transmitted, reflected, scattered or refracted, when its vibrations are aligned into one or more planes of direction, the light is said to be polarized. Thermal Physics 04. Get Started. How does the cross-sectional area of a sail on a toy boat affect the initial acceleration? Terminal Fall velocity vs mass / shape of object/ or parachute/ or liquid density. Teaching Notes: - Using a water table to demonstrate wave behaviour near barriers (PhET has a pretty good simulation as well Maths IA - Maths Exploration Topics: Scroll down this page to find over 300 examples of maths IA exploration topics and ideas for IB mathematics students doing their internal assessment (IA) coursework. Sep 19, 2016 · More GHG equals more absorption and re-emitting of long wave bands, and that equals an increase in temperatures. Fritz Pfleumer. We put a man on the moon, built bridges, skyscrapers, supersonic jets, developed wireless communication, etc. Gravitation 7. Vibrations-Free Arduino Ideas (Physics) By FernandaS25 in Teachers Science. The study in thermal physics is done by heat. Jan 26, 2022 · The right side shows how the intensity of the waves hitting the right wall varies. Articles. What is the effect of Good physics ia topics how to score 7 Some ideas: Internal Assessment IA: k constant vs frequency of oscillating spring. [UWC East Africa, '21] Idk the raw marks for each IA, but the final of 3 was 36, and scored 6 in total. Nine other achievements are highly commended and cover topics ranging from nuclear physics to material science and more. CD-ROMs use the interference patterns created by light waves Jul 03, 2013 · The sun emits all colors of visible light, and in fact emits all frequencies of electromagnetic waves except gamma rays. So there we have it! 20 top ideas to get your Physics IA underway! the higher IB Physics course, 8 of which are at the standard level: Looking at the topics listed above, it may seem that some topics may be easier to do your IA on than others, Measurement and uncertainties ; Mechanics; Thermal Physics; Waves; Electricty and Magnetism; Circular Motion and Gravitation; Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics Sep 02, 2017 · Sample Physics IA ideas and questions September 2, 2017 September 2, 2017 / Frontier Before you look at the list, remember that personal engagement is a category in the physics IA, this essentially gives you free “bonus” points if you can relate to it. Differentiate vector and scalar quantities STEM_GP12V-Ia-8 Perform addition of vectors STEM_GP12V -Ia 9 3. Low-Cost Physics Activities. 3 - Wave characteristics I ∝A2 Ix∝ −2 I= I 0 cos2 θ 6 Abstract In this project, you'll investigate the physics of standing waves on guitar strings. The last ten years brought many new ideas and new results into the subject. Roberts broke basic laws of physics, managed to forget high school science and ignored the properties of the greenhouse gases he claims to have studied while working in the coal industry. To kickstart your search for the best suited IB Physics IA idea, this is precisely the place you should be! 1. Topics include Algebra and Number (proof), Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Physics, and links with other subjects. ModelsMaking Music With Sine Waves. Metronomes of the same frequency and resting on the same base are started randomly. Parts of this report should not be quoted without thesis writing citing the article completely. Moore, 2003, Aug 05, 2020 · The waves cannot outrun the source of the wave, and so pile up on top of each other, creating a mighty wavefront. [1] (b) A person vibrates one end of the string vertically to produce the wave. Moore, 2003, Dec 12, 2016 · 2016 Breakthrough of the Year. These seismic waves produce a long wave on the seismographs. IA INSPIRATION. Example 1, The real and apparent positions of the stars in Orion (Database and Spreadsheet) (24/24) Example 2, Investigating the lift force of a toy helicopter (Hands-On) (16/24) Physics IA Ideas. Thermal physics ia ideas investigate standing waves on a string Investigate string-coupled pendulums Investigating diffraction of light Measure the internal resistance of a battery or cell Measure the resistivity of a wire Use potential divider circuit to measure threshold voltage of LEDs and determine Plank's constant Investigate the Physics ib ia ideas Here are some useful links to guidelines on writing a well-structured Physics internal assessment. Unit vectors 1. 2. As you’ve seen above, I get around 3-4 emails a day from IB physics student asking for physics IA ideas. Probability Enters into Physics 84 Cautious Predictions 87 Waves of Particles and Particles of Waves 90 Old Ideas Hold One Back 308 Scientific Methods is a process or technique for investigating phenomena, that is used to explore observations and answer question. In thinking about the example of the cylindrical ride, we see that accelerated motion can warp space and time. Radio waves have the highest frequency. They synchronize after a short period of time. Colliding waves that are out of step will cancel each other via destructive interference and produce a level surface on the water. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Jul 08, 2015 · Properly speaking, the objects described by quantum physics are neither particles nor waves, but a third category that shares some properties of waves (a characteristic frequency and wavelength Jul 09, 2021 · Long-baseline atom interferometry is a rapidly growing field with a variety of exciting fundamental physics applications. It is not the rst time that an astronomical discovery has revolutionized our ideas about the Universe. 2 page 25 – 29 Book 15. This interactive animation will help you understand how a static standing wave diagram is meant to convey the true motions of the standing wave. IA - Internal Assessment. This wave front is termed a 'Huygens combination' of the separate waves. Use signal generator to investigate standing waves on a string; Your Physics IA use APA Oct 13, 2021 · Find IB Physics IA Ideas And Get A Good Grade On Your Physics IA. 188 Free Feasibility Report Topics And Quick Ideas . Question 2. Gamma waves are used for heating up food. It also means that waves can constructively or destructively interfere. Plane wave solutions travel at the speed of sound s where s 2 = Y/p. Jun 12, 2018 · Topics physics perpetual motion Energy Dot Physics WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Selected Publications [1] “Limits on stellar-mass compact objects as dark matter from gravitational lensing of type Ia If you take an electron and put it in a static electric field (e. There has been some research suggesting that the use of Electromagnetic waves form an entire spectrum, as seen in the figure at right. Old problems concerning the proximity of resonances to the real axis, their relation to quasi-modes, and their distribution for scattering by convex bodies have been solved. We are committed to the preservation of physics for future generations, the success of physics students both in the classroom and professionally, and the promotion of a more scientifically Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. Don't forget to checkout out our IB Physics HL Notes that are specifically created to help students score well in there diploma programme. 19, Looking at how the density of water affects single-slit diffraction patterns of waves. PHET masses and springs New: Great Sim of diffusion to be used in conjunction w real experiment? Air resistance vs velocity or mass or both of projectile. Topic 5 : Calculus. Sample Physics IA ideas and questions September 2, 2017 September 2, 2017 / Frontier Before you look at the list, remember that personal engagement is a category in the physics IA, this essentially gives you free "bonus" points if you can relate to it. 7 and rearrange to get. Will gravitational waves prove that Einstein's theories are incorrect? How does rotational motion work when using different types of torque? Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Electromagnetism D. 2: Sound Waves. IB Physics IA Ideas Investigations - Ideas - Free download as PDF File (. The atoms are packed together with their centers only a few angstroms apart, and the effective diameter of the atom for electron scattering is roughly an angstrom or so. There are many types of waves that can possess various sets of characteristics, but three are considered as main types. Click on the picture for a larger view. Note that 1 mm is equal to 1,000,000 physics-informedneuralnetworks – neural networks that are trained to solve supervised learning tasks while respecting any given laws of physics described by general nonlinear partial differential equations. When white sunlight is intercepted by a drop of water in the atmosphere, some of the light refracts into the drop, reflects from the drop's inner surface, and then refracts out of the drop. g. Criteria Guidance Errors and uncertainties Assessed student work My Physics IA Cracking the IB Physics IA Running Low on Science IA Ideas? 5 Top Tips! For me, one of the most challenging aspects of my IB Diploma was the Science IA. Mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves, and matter waves. Start for free now! Physics ia ideas waves Get the latest Apple info from our tech-obsessed editors with breaking news, in-depthFREE Downloadable Workbook to accompany this video:https://www. For example, jaguar speed -car Search for an exact match Put a word or phrase inside quotes. Oct 26, 2021 · Infrared waves are electromagnetic radiation of a particular wavelength or color that we have named 'infrared. Extended Analytical Physics is a course that was created as an alternative to Analytical Physics I, the first year of introductory physics for engineering students. I completely understand. Jaa. Click each video to see an example and explanation of both types. 300 ideas for IB Physics. A Startling Fact about Physics Ia Ideas Uncovered Physics ia ideas simulation Cracking IB Physics IA may seem like a daunting task from afar, but like any other score, just the beginning is the most difficult. Though the sciences generally classify EM waves into seven basic IA Workshop. Solving these NEET Physics Questions will help you identify the type of questions asked in the NEET Exam. It is equivalent to Analytical Physics I (Physics 123/4) but offers more diverse teaching methods, more instructor contact hours and a smaller class setting. Sample Physics Laboratory Report. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. Mechanics 3. From physics, we see the use of potential functions to control character movement. Aug 18, 2016 · PhET Teacher Ideas & Activities: Wave Clicker Questions. transmaxwellian physics vi. ORDER CODE: PVA-E. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources. Use tuning forks for sound and resonance activities and projects. The selection and processing data was sufficient to establish the conclusions. Use a pendulum to find the value of g, the gravitational field strength of the Earth. 5. For example, when we were talking about the ammonia molecule, we chose to describe it in terms of two Aug 01, 2010 · An interesting mix of physics and biology, this idea can be used to show that a project doesn’t always have to be categorized into a single scientific branch. Yes, some ideas can be extended into hands on IAs. There is no framework Jan 04, 2019 · Physics, or the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between them, helps us to understand the laws and rules that govern the physical world. Get in on some kinetic fun with a physics-inspired catapult craft. SPHS Devil Physics resources. Fundamentals of Physics: If you want something a little more in-depth, you can check out this lecture series from Yale to get a crash course in physics fundamentals. Nadia Zakamska, returning Member in the School of Natural Sciences, is an astrophysicist studying a variety of astronomical wonders, ranging from extrasolar planets to extragalactic astronomy. Waves or particles? What is a photon and how does it behave? There use to be a joke that scientists thought of light as a particle on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and a wave on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday. As you've seen above, I get around 3-4 emails a day from IB physics student asking for physics IA ideas. Feb 27, 2020 · Waves And Optics General wave properties e. Waves - Physics Practical. How to use a ripple tank to determine the wavelength, frequency and speed of water waves? IB Physics Content Guides I stole this idea from an amazing group of IB Physics teachers that are a part of the Knowles Teacher Initiative so I had a really great structure to build off of. Analyze optics and wave phenomena, for example ray optics. Heat energy and thermal energies are the motions and vibrations of molecules in terms of the energy activity of any substance or system. 100 Ecology Topics for Academic Papers Answer (1 of 7): That's a very subjective question however, as a student taking IB Physics i did an investigation on the effects of change in temperature on the magnetic field strength of a magnet. I have done a kind of musical IA. See the note to the right for a caution. Mass is the amount of something there is, and is measured in grams (or kilograms). Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 2 - Travelling waves c = fλ Sub-topic 4. com/how-to-choose-the-perfect-physics-IA-topic* -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- * -- MCQs Waves0/9. He argued that the known properties of light, such as refraction, reflection and propagation in straight lines, could be understood by assuming that light was a wave in some invisible medium, analogous to waves moving in a fluid. The long-standing problem of the cosmological constant, described both as “the worst prediction in the history of physics” and by Einstein as his It is not the rst time that an astronomical discovery has revolutionized our ideas about the Universe. A central idea is the notion of "wave-particle duality," in which the entities of nature (electrons and so on) can exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles. We’ll deal with this equation in depth below. If you’re looking for a helping hand with your A-level Physics studies, you’re in the right place. –All the constants of physics are the same in any inertial reference frame. FREE Downloadable Workbook to accompany this video:https://www. Acceleration is a twist on the idea of velocity. Going for a completely new topic is not only a tad bit daunting, but can also leave you all the more confused. Frantically looking for IA IB physics ideas can be taxing and quite a struggle. Suggested Projects. Calcium Chloride is also the ingredient in several deicers used to melt ice and snow. It demonstrates, with unparalleled strangeness, that little particles of matter have something of a wave about them, and suggests that the very act of observing a particle has a dramatic effect on its behaviour. In the field of particle physics, string theory brings together quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. The point of this activity is to model real world collaboration. The style and grade value depends on the subject. Credits: 5, Hours: (4/2/0/0), Prereq: MAT-216, PHY-212; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A. For example, when we were talking about the ammonia molecule, we chose to describe it in terms of two To explain the photoelectric effect, 19th-century physicists theorized that the oscillating electric field of the incoming light wave was heating the electrons and causing them to vibrate, eventually freeing them from the metal surface. AP Physics C is also an option if you're taking/have already taken calculus and have either Physics 1 … AP Physics 1 is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics 35 simple IB Physics IA ideas you can implement to score top marks in IB Physics. There are two types of waves, transverse and longitudinal (sometimes called pressure or compression waves). January 3, 2020 • Physics 13, 1. It's a financial actuality that those in the health care community have an yearly income higher than the majority of other professions-and it is a field that's only expanding. From theory to the lab. II, Chap. Physics: Electromagnetic Waves Field Theory Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell. So, as soon as I got back from the summer break, my physics teacher put up an assignment to send her our IA topics, methods and materials needed. By the end of the year, they create a pretty IB Physics IA Ideas Investigations - Ideas - Free download as PDF File (. Like all electromagnetic waves, light can travel through a vacuum. They are between 700 nm (nanometers) and 1 mm. You Want An IB Physics IA Idea That You Can Do At Home. One of the most important things to remember about waves is that they transport energy, not matter. Rewrite a vector in component form STEM_GP12V -Ia 10 4. Jul 14, 2000 · Light waves from the sun, or even from an artificial light source such as a light bulb, vibrate and radiate outward in all directions. As they move through a medium such as air, the air particles compress and decompress. Circular motion and gravitation · 7. The report could also include the theory related to the investigation and some simulated activity. What is a projectile? Trajectory Characteristics. This hypothesis was based on the assumption that light traveled purely as a wave through space. Math HL IA: Discrete Mathematics (Finding the optimal route using algorithms) IA Maths HL 6. Sub-topic 4. By IB ++tutors George K. 0 -p 30. The Equations. Where two waves meet in step, they will add together to make a larger wave by constructive interference. It merely has the probability to be in one place or another. the electromagnetic companion wave ix. A. In practice, no known material comes anywhere near this limit. Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe. IB DP Physics Topic 4:As a part of the IB Physics course, you cover additional subjects of your choosing from the list below (typically you don't choose, but rather your teacher does). The second aim of the practical session is to illustrate ideas and concepts in physics. G'S DP PHYSICS. Displacement. Close. To conclude PHYS 1402, a in-person final exam will be held on Thursday 12/9/21 at 8:00 am (No Exception and Excuse). In this video, like in my math IA one, I go through my physics IA to hopefully give you an example of what a A good physics IA is an experiment which evaluates two variables that are not well Home Department of Physics and Materials Science Physics News Black Holes, Waves of Gravity & Other Warped Ideas of Dr. Boundary conditions; Air particles can oscillate and create standing waves in pipes with open or closed ends. 64 trillion kilowatthours, or the equivalent of about 66% of U. , 2005, 2011; Yue et al. The undulations and oscillations may be chaotic and random, or they may be regular, with an identifiable wave length between adjacent…. Oct 16, 2018 · When it comes to speed limits, the ultimate one set by the laws of physics themselves is the speed of light. Back to our story. Matter Waves: Any moving object can be described as a wave When a stone is dropped into a pond, the water is disturbed from its equilibrium positions as the wave passes; it returns to its equilibrium position after the wave has passed. See full list on ibbetter. A rainbow is a multicolored arc made by light striking water droplets. 3: Thermal Physics; 4: Oscillations and Waves; 5: Electricity and Magnetism; 6: Circular Motion and Gravitation; 7: Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics; 8: Energy Production; 9: Wave Phenomena (HL) 10: Fields (HL) 11: Electromagnetic Induction (HL) 12: Quantum and Nuclear Physics (HL) Option B: Engineering; Formula Booklet; IA and EE Ideas and Physics HL IA Rubric Score Personal engagement 0 The student's report does not reach a standard described by the descriptors below. D. Relativity therefore imposes a limit on elasticity: Y < pc 2. 20 Preschool Physics Experiments - I love this collection of experiments that are perfect for younger kidsThermal Physics. In this video, like in my math IA one, I go through my physics IA to hopefully give you an example of what a A good physics IA is an experiment which evaluates two variables that are not well Breakdown of HL Paper 3: Section A. , 2017; Gary et al. As the name suggests, this IoT-based project focuses on developing a smart agricultural system that can perform and even monitor a host of farming tasks. k. wave, a ridge or swell on the surface of a body of water, normally having a forward motion distinct from the oscillatory motion of the particles that successively compose it. Components of vectors 3. This module introduces the history of wave theory and offers basic Wave periods are described in terms of amplitude and length. This simple act creates mesmerizing visuals. You'll learn about the different modes (i. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from roughly 400 and 700 nanometers. Eureka! Study Archimedes' principle. The Exponential Nature of a Bouncing Ping Pong Ball A wave hits a wall and is reflected identically opposite. * This program is designed to teach students to apply basic physical principles to realistic situations particle duality, Matter waves, Time-dependent and time-independent Schrodinger wave equation, Born interpretation of wave function, Solution to stationary state Schrodinger wave equation for one-Dimensional particle in a box, Compton effect. ( 30) Physics is a fascinating subject that studies the laws of nature and the elements of the universe that includes light, matter, energy, force etc. A good place to start is by trying out the ‘create resources’ feature. We get simple explanations of finite state machines, fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms. First and foremost, quantum physics is very confusing. 2. One of the most famous experiments in physics is the double slit experiment. A: The Nature of Light (Answers) 1. Survey of High School Physics Texts. Waves are one of the ways in which energy may be transferred between stores. pdf DP Chemistry IA Template and Checklist 4 Waves Determination of a Wave Speed. 4 ideal gas equation, kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, mean square speed and derivation of energy equation for ideal gases Book 15. Some examples: lalsim-detector-noise --aligo-zerodet-highpower -s 1000000000 -t 16 > noise. Infra-red waves are the most harmful to people. This blog post offers 41 detailed ideas for the IB Physics IA - aimed to help both IB teachers and students through the Also the amplitude of a standing wave compared to the read more1 vote Department of Physics and Astronomy 2323 Osborn Dr. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Monday, June 12, 2017 IB Design lab Physics HL IA. Electromagnetic waves travel at 3 × 102 m/s in a vacuum. About Basketball Physics Ideas Ia . wave (reflection, refraction, diffraction, etc. A travelling wave of wavelength ? and speed v is set up on the string. 8. Mechanics · 3. Events in time are always accompanied by the mental image of places suggesting that time is a dimension. The sun emits all these colors because it is a thermal body and emits light through the process of thermal radiation. 2 × 10–6 m D 1. Topics covered are motion, energy, heat, waves, electric current, radiation, light, atoms Therefore, when I was presented with the internal assessment for my IB physics class,…show more content… Research Question: Is the frequency emanating from a Hi, guys, this is my first time on PF!! My IA is about bungee jumping where I increase the mass and look at the efficiency of energy at the May 17, 2019 Description, Mapping of PhET and IBDP Physics across all topics SL and HL Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets, Radioactive Dating Game, Feb 4, 2017 This guide is most definitely applicable to IB Biology and Chemistry. But what is causing that to happen? The leading hypothesis is a repellent force that astrophysicists refer to as “dark energy Nov 08, 2020 · String Theory Explained: A Basic Guide to String Theory - 2021 - MasterClass