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Hawk’s screech was believed to the god’s way of awakening people. It means that this name is commonly used. It either affirms that you are on the right path or guides you on the changes you need to make. The hawk symbolism is rich and varied, and it encourages you to see situations from a different and higher perspective. I heard my son frantically calling to me to come there. The nose has an aura of strength, which is an attractive quality in women that is for sure. Living in the wilderness wasn't easy, and he didn't expect it to be, but it was a choice he made years ago. It’s important to notice the signs, symbols and synchronicities that are appearing in your life for they are trying to tell you something. Hawk Meaning in English to Urdu is باز, as written in Urdu and Baaz, as written in Roman Urdu. An inflation hawk, in fiscal policy, is a policymaker or advisor who prioritizes controlling inflation and may favor higher interest rates to keep it in check. I have friends with killer systems, and trust me, unless you are cranking music, these Totem Hawks are one of the best speakers I've ever enjoyed. Hawks may symbolize guidance from a higher power, and dreaming of a hawk may be a nudge that it's time for you to trust your intuition, and work with connecting to self or spirit (via Dream Dictionary ). Jovovich-Hawk for Target GO International will feature the Jovovich-Hawk for Target collection in select Target stores nationwide and online at Target. As a child, you spoke to fairies, saw spirits, and found it comforting instead of scary. And while you may think of these birds Synonyms for HAWK: jingo, jingoist, militarist, war hawk, warmonger, peddle; Antonyms for HAWK: dove, pacifist, peacenikDefine HAWK-EYE (名词) and get synonyms. Hawk: Hawk teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience. They are trying to send you a signal that it is the time for you to pay attention to your goals and prepare for a leadership goal. Hawk is an English language word that is well described on this page with all the important details i. Site Contents. it may show that the bird in some concept has the same drives and emotions as the more \'evil\' humans that exist. ‘The hawk-eyed Food and Drug Administration deems lung - a common ingredient in haggis - to be unfit for human consumption. Jason Hawk's Outlaw Forge Works. Hawk Meaning: dweller at the sign of the hawk; dweller in an isolated nook; one with the characteristics of a hawk, such as a fierce or rapacious person; descendant of Haw or Hal, pet forms of Harry or Henry (home, rule); one who was a hawker. Hawk. Old AF and still skating. In ancient Egypt a hawk was considered to be a symbol of gods, land and prayers. meaning. • The past is the hawk, flying higher; its talons are stronger, its wings wide and majestic. A white hawk, for instance, represents peace and harmony, and is considered a blessing when seen facing you, or when you dream of one (via Your Tango ). Jan 15, 2017 · Totem Hawk. Jason Hawk, a mountain man distinguishable by his facial tattoo, joined History Channel’s “Mountain Men” for its fifth season back in 2016. Cyborg Hawk OS come with beautiful, fastest andThe hammer and sickle are a part of communist symbolism and their usage indicates anThis symbol features a hammer and a sickle overlapping each other. Common Animal Messengers and Their Meaning-. The V is Vicarious's logo which is the company that made the game. Shaw (Scottish-Gaelic origin) meaning "hawk like". The hawk is known as a harsh parent, refusing to feed its young when they are able to fly, but rather beating them with its wings to drive them out of the nest. Hawk-this can be symbolic of a demonic influence in someone's life if the bird is black or grey. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground. When in his aspect as conductor of souls, Horus was shown with a hawk's head on a human body; this aspect was called Heru-metti. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Hawk is a symbol of cruelty and courage. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Sep 22, 2021 · The hawk symbolizes the ability to use intuition and higher vision in order to complete tasks or make important decisions. Find the correct meaning of the name along with the origin, gender, classification, and much Spiritual & Emotional Influence: Hawk's Eye is good for all psychic abilities. A small board, with a handle on the under side, to hold mortar. Hawks represent clear sightedness, being observant, our far memory and guardianship. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Oct 19, 2016 · Spiritual Meaning of finding a Hawk Feather: You are being asked to take notice of your dream state and waking state. Its amazing how these sound like fullPhoto, Print, Drawing 16. The hawk is aerial brother of the wave which he sails over and surveys, those his perfect air-inflated wings answering to the elemental unfledged pinions of the sea. The vision side is the most important thing of all, and your ability to effectively learn this task will improve your life quite significantly. " -Graham S. Also see: hawk in HindiAug 16, 2011 · Hawk Totem Meaning and Medicine: The spirit of hawk totem brings with it many different meanings. There are the following meanings for hawk tattoos Get it before it's gone! Advice from a Hawk Soar to new heights Be a keen observer Swoop down on opportunities Rise above it all Spread your wings Find a . The symbolism of the Red Tailed Hawk. May 17, 2021 · Hawks are deeply symbolic animals and has long been used a symbol of freedom and strength. What is the meaning of the lyrics 'Wanna be a baller'? Discuss and share your interpretation of Wanna Be Balla. Hawk is largely used in English and it is derived from Old Norse origins. " They have two daughters: Madeline Rose and River. of 2,221. Hostile Activity Watch Kernel. To not get dragged down by illusion but to rise above. (slang) An adult male who seeks out boys or young men for sexual activity. The series, a cultural phenomenon in its own right, is colored in season 3 by itsHeinie Lady Hawk 2. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you What is the meaning of the name Hawk? The name Hawk is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Like The Bird. This double standard however, though unfair is very real. diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tailManners. —ns. Truth and clarity must be tracked with a hunter's vigilance to the ever-shifting circumstances around us. net dictionary. Golden Eagle is one of the most popular birds of prey. This is important because a raptor can move so fast! However, despite its large size, a harp’s vision is still a great asset when hunting. · To hawk is defined as to hunt or to attack by swooping. The Cooper's Hawk hunts a variety of prey and like most predators is highly opportunistic, meaning it will take a meal anyplace it can get it. hawk definition: 1. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you The strength of the hawk symbol is also depicted as the Guardian and Protector of the Earth Mother and all her children. From the time the tree left the forest in Washington State, to the Lummi Nation to be carved, and then traveling to its present site in the NLM Herb Garden it traveled 4,400 miles. Jun 14, 2021 · Hawk symbolism and meaning includes intelligence, independence, adaptability, messages, clairvoyance, and spiritual awareness. " Get the entire White Fang LitChart as a printable PDF. These raptors have distinctive proportions: long legs, short wings, and very long tails, which they use for navigating their deep-woods homes at top speed in pursuit of songbirds and mice. Wiggler's Revenge:1856-0000-0038-9D3A~ Ashley's House Of Pain: 2EC4-0000-0030-3997. For a young woman a dream, in which she sends away a hawk which attacks poultry, means that her purposefulness and diligence will allow obtaining her goals. Hawk′-eyed. Hawk is commonly found in deserts, forests and parts of Central America and polar regions. Mario Maker levels. Raven Animal Totem. In the Christian imagination, the deer is a symbol of piety, devotion and of God taking care of his children: men. He was tall, strong, and one of the most well-known hunters of his tribe. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. They represent the power Hawks are gatekeepers of the East and they represent honesty and clear vision. Theme. Sponsored Links Ospreys are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Like the eagle, the true hawk was thought capable of staring directly into the Sun. Apr 02, 2010 · In the case of “hawk,” the existing form, back in the 16th century, was the noun “hawker,” meaning a traveling street vendor, which was rooted in the old German “hocken,” meaning “to carry upon the back,” as a vendor lugs his goods from place to place. Similar to Hugh Mungus, it may be offensive to some people, resulting in them getting triggered and accusing you of harassment. Figure 1. If your path is the right one, the hawk fortifies your resolve. (v. Hawk meaning and symbolism includes honesty and being prepared to take on a challenge, in the case of a diving Hawk. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you 222,071 hawk stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Ancient cultures such as the Native Americans relied upon Hawks for protection and guidance. The Symbolism. Animal names are on the rise, especially more of the aggressive Hawk-Fox-Wolf variety than cute little Bunnys or Robins, and Hawk is a prime example. Over the majority of his face and neck, he wears a silver mask. As a high-flying raptor, the hawk shares much of the symbolism of the eagle. The hawk is also a symbol of strength, courage, intelligence and intuition. "Evening Hawk" by Robert Penn Warren is, despite its name, not about a hawk. Native American symbols are geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs. com/2008/04/hawk-symbolism. · The  you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. , fibrous) riebeckite, which is an amphibole. A hawk is a wonderful symbol of freedom and flight. These people are so optimistic that they are always capable of seeing the best of what's to come even in the worst situations. Iroquois Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. Meaning of Hawk. Lyrics to Wanna Be Balla by Fat Pat featuring HAWK, Yungstar. People living in the UK, US, Canada, India, and Saudi Arabia can search for detail about this name online without any hassle. On the other hand, if you're looking to imbue a value in your child's name while still incorporating hawks, that's possible as well. The Hawaiian Hawk, or 'Io, lives only in Hawai'i and was a symbol of royalty in Hawaiian culture. 8" / 17. Hawk meaning in Urdu is عقاب and Hawk word meaning in roman can write as Uqaab. In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority. Jun 24, 2020 · Black Butterfly Meaning: Symbolism and Significance. The Hawk is operational in two very distinct variants, the Hawk T. ) An effort to force up phlegm from the throat, accompanied with noise. When tamed, the hawk is a symbol of a soul converted into Christianity and accepting all its beliefs and virtues. Dreaming of killing a hawk. The slang word / phrase / acronym hawk means . Phase 1 drops 4/13. After all, you love to share your visions of a Hawk Symbolism. On October 12, the HGTV star took to Instagram to debut the new ink of Early History of the Hawk family. If I had to stop now and live with these speakers I'd have no problem with that. I think it's Totems greatest effort and and although it may seem like a lot of money for budget minded audiophiles, like myself, it is an astronomical bargain, once you hear it Totem Pole figures - Their symbolism and meaning. com is dedicated to empowering parents-to-be. Jan 06, 2022 · hawk (third-person singular simple present hawks, present participle hawking, simple past and past participle hawked) To sell; to offer for sale by outcry in the street; to carry (merchandise) about from place to place for sale; to peddle. From Middle English hauk, from Old English hafoc. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Mar 08, 2012 · A winkle-hawk is a rectangular tear in cloth, but the original meaning in Dutch (winkelhaak, winkelhake) was “(carpenter’s) try square”. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Jul 10, 2021 · Jason Hawk’s Scars And Tattoo Meaning. Philadelphia provides a suitable year-round habitat for Red-tailed Hawks. It is called a robber bird because it greedily snatches food from other birds. The hawk is a common symbol in the traditions of many Native American tribes, although the meaning varies from tribe to tribe. However and since, compared with other bird species, the hawk had been declared as one of the most intelligent birds, we’ll explore all of these meanings and more in this blog post! According to the European tradition, the symbolism of the falcon is associated with the Germanic tradition and with elements of warfare. Registered: Apr-12. This again is an unlucky sign. Hawk seemingly starts losing faith in Johnny, and is being more obedient to Johnny's sensei Kreese. Hawk Metaphysical Symbolism. It nests in the Arctic and most birds dip down only as far as central United States even in winter. It also represents your best, and worst qualities, who you are at your core. Totem Forest or Hawk -Help. Speakers are in near perfect condition, however the center has a scratch on the bottom along with a swirl marks from cleaning on top of speakers. An image of Hawk Moth created by a swarm of akumas. The red-tailed hawk is common and widespread, but can vary from very light or almost white shades to nearly black coloration, which makes proper identification difficult. A messenger of taking a higher perspective. The gods used the hawk's screech to awaken the people. netz, a word expressive of strong and rapid flight, and hence appropriate to the hawk). Thus, there is a clear theme of man versus nature. Mike Hawk is a gag name that, when said casually, sounds like "my cock. Mk 2. They have two daughters: Madeline Rose and River. Online Slang Dictionary. Hawkeye is a character played by Alan Alda in the popular TV serial MASH. When a witch dreams of a witch, she meets her conscience. You may be too busy making a living that The ideal journal for those that feel hawk is their animal totem or spirit guide. Some, as the goshawk, were formerly trained like falcons. Any of various birds of prey, especially of the genera Accipiter and Buteo in the family Accipitridae, characteristically having a short hooked billAlong with this, the name Cauã means "vulture" as well as "hawk," so imagery of the vulture is invoked as well. Cultural Butterfly Symbolism. If you have a red-hawk as a totem, meditation on the 14th tarot card will help you to see how this hawk will lead you to use your creative energy in manifesting your soul purpose. Aurora: Is one of the most powerful hawk names. Native American Hawk Gods and Spirits Palakwayo (Hopi) Native American Legends About Hawks How the Buffalo Hunt Began: Cheyenne legend telling how Magpie and Hawk won the right to eat buffalo for humans. This creature is monogamous and may stay faithful to one partner for the rest of its life. What if you see this bird in a dream? If you dream of a hawk, it means that you have a sharp mind, and assess the situation better than your rivals. Hauk, Hauke, Hawke (English), Hawkeye (English), Hawkin, and Hawkins are variant transcriptions of Hawk. a person who strongly…. Feb 28, 2010 · In the wild, a Hawk`s talons are instruments of deadly precision. A Hawk's cry is considered an important 10-Aug-2021 The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task A bird of prey, the hawk, is a symbol of vigilance, observation, and long-term memory. There was an Old English personal name (originallya byname) H(e)afoc‘hawk’, which persisted into the earlyMiddle English period as a personal name and may therefore also be asource. The second component to observe in the Red Tailed Hawk as it pertains to the key word of Latent Power, are the vibrant red tail feathers of the mature Hawk. Post Number: 1. Hawks head north to claw Taipans. If you are looking for a name that means "hawk" but that will make people giggle, have a look at our Meaning and definitions of hawk, translation of hawk in Telugu language with similar and opposite words. In addition, some people believed the prophetic message was being conveyed by the hawk's distinctive cry. Their characteristic red-tail is cinnamon above and pale below. Has exterior sealer so can go inside or outside. You could end up leading a group or church, becoming a parent or just finding a wider audience for your talents, gifts, and ideas. English (Devon) : from Middle English hauek‘hawk’,applied as a metonymic occupational name for a hawker (seeHawker), a name denoting a tenant who held land in return forproviding hawks for his lord, or a nickname for someone supposedlyresembling a hawk. The Snowshoe Hare is strongly linked to the Snowy Owl population, such that when hare populations are Classifieds: FOR SALE - Totem HAWK asking for 00. The second component to observe in the Red Tailed Hawk as it pertains to the key word of Latent Power, are the vibrant red tail feathers of the mature Hawk. Celtic Hawk Mythology. This can be seen in the way it hunts; the red-tailed hawk will observe and consider prey while it calculates the ideal time to dive. Nov 19, 2009 · "I am named after the red-tailed hawk, a Native American symbol for the eastern gate of life, where the sun comes up and sheds its light on the back of Mother Earth," Red Hawk said. Synecdoche. To dream of a HAWK is "Knife" HAWK Definition / HAWK Means: The definition of HAWK is "Knife" The Meaning of HAWK: HAWK means "Knife" So now you know - HAWK means "Knife" - don't thank us. About Hawk symbolism . Captain Gusty: This falcon name depicts the powerful quality of a strong gust. Hawk Totem Animal. Tail Shape and Length. history, any of the expansionists primarily composed of young Southerners and Westerners elected to the U. The meaning behind this noise is often debated upon since it varies from culture to culture and country to country. Proceed with caution, using your grand vision to predict follies before you commit them. The life of a butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation as we each have the possibility to be reborn through going within. (1) A hawk may symbolize aggression, rapaciousness, ferocity. gyrfalcon bird raptor. Among birds of prey, hawks are Definitions and Meaning of Hawk in English. Another 113 words (8 lines of text) covering the years 1066, 1577, 1601, 1705, 1781, 1705, 1718, 1719, 1725, 1727, 1703, 1759, 1720, 1722, 1725, 1747 and 1752 are included under the topic Early Hawk History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. Conclusion: Falcon Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning. Early History of the Hawk family. Hawk symbolism in ancient traditions. The hawk symbolism can denote suspicions lurking around your life and the activities you participate in. The symbolism of the Hawk. The hawk's "manners" symbolize its cruel and cold nature. Use the power of focus. "hawk" മലയാള വ്യാഖ്യാനം, അര്‍ഥം. Although hares and rabbits look similar, they have very different symbolism. Hawk Moth wears a dark purple dress shirt with a black butterfly-shaped big collar, the Butterfly Miraculous brooch on the center of the collar, and dark purple dress pants and dark blue-voletish gray dress shoes. Hawks see things others miss. The hawk's preferred time for hunting is usually just before nightfall when daylight lessens. to try to sell goods, usually by going from place to place and trying to persuade people to buy them 2 [ intransitive, transitive] HBH. It is a large bird with a broad, red tail. Family name origins & meanings. Hawk Moth is the main and leading villain in the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The feather of a hawk passes a spiritual message that your guardian angel is watching over you. Charles Darwin knew of the star orchids (Angraecum spp. any of various diurnal birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, such as the goshawk and Cooper's hawk, typically having short rounded wings and a long tailRelated adjective: accipitrine. Blue Hawk Name Meaning. ’ Expansion of your perspective is encouraged by this tool. Late one afternoon, I drove a friend and myself to a favorite park by the Delaware River to hang out and enjoy the sunset. The hawk appears several times in the bible. e Hawk meaning, Hawk word synonyms, and its similar words. The hawk 6 days ago Hawk symbolism. Currently White-tailed Hawk can be found in Texas year-round, but climate models show it being pushed out of the state during the summer if global temperatures increase by 3 degrees Celsius, as they are Common Animal Messengers and Their Meaning- Hawk: the strong hawk has keen eyes and strong wings. Syllogism. Hawks are birds of prey. The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. Your life will be enriched by this spirit animal’s wisdom, courage, creativity, insight, and truth. I had almost reached the steps when a hawk (who had been sitting on the table) flew from the table, touched my head/hair and then flew straight away. These birds are especially worshiped and admired by Native American tribes, since they mostly live in parts of North America. He is a sign showing how to ride the winds of change, creativity and the power to surrender oneself to Spirit's guidance. A term of endearment since late 14c. Feb 03, 2011 · The hawk, which is the main focus or center of Ted Hughes’s Hawk Roosting, embodies both characteristics of man and nature, demonstrating how the two intertwine. To find the meaning or message behind the animal that cross your path, you need to examine 3 basic parts of the encounter. Celtic Symbolism. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Feb 14, 2015 · This animal totem is Hawk - The Messenger. However, you're the one who will identify meaning to the experience. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you May 27, 2015 · The Hawaiian Hawk: Symbol of Royalty. Wolf Animal Totem. In ancient Egypt, hawks were considered godly. About the Artist: TOTEM is an artist born and raised in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, where he painted this mural of a White-tailed Hawk. Hawk symbolism is an ancient concept that indicates a message from the Spirit guides. 'Io have shrill, high-pitched calls that echo their Hawaiian name. Crow Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Crows. • Take the lead when the time is right. Fiction often works on several levels. Our innovations are constantly changing the face of sports officiating, production, content management, and fan engagement in every sport. Some of this symbolism has persisted in modern mythology and beliefs. Reply. What is HAWK-EYE (名词)? HAWK-EYE (名词) meaning, pronunciation and more by 麦克米兰字典Animal Symbolism—Hawk. Totem also makes a couple of very good sub woofers that pair great with the Hawks, but trust me, you won't miss not having a sub - that's just how great the Hawk is. Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness. Dec 10, 2010 · While he is going through a real ordeal in thus dragging himself through the mud in the heavy rain, a hawk, perched at a height, looks downwards calmly and without showing any sign of discomfort. So use this if you need power for focus and observation in certain tasks at hand. Your life will be enriched by this spirit animal's wisdom, courage, Hawks symbolize intelligence, spiritual awareness, creativity, independence, versatility, and messages. or even it may just show that nature may seem quiet but its actually filled with anger and arrogence, which in turn gives nature a emotion meaning it could then contain others The Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is the most common hawk in North America. It startled me at first. Spiritually, the Red-Tailed Hawk Totem means you thirst for higher knowledge. What is HAWK-EYE (名词)? HAWK-EYE (名词) meaning, pronunciation and more by 麦克米兰字典 Hawk symbolism dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where Egyptians believed a hawk was the part of a person's soul who would fly off their mummified remains to exist among the living. html. Message from the spirit world, Higher intelligence, Vision and stealth movements, All seeing eye (third eye), Intuition, Aggression. Hawk feather spiritual meaning: 7 Spiritual Messages. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Dec 08, 2007 · Attributes & symbolic meanings of the hawk: Attention; Vision; Power; Energy; Leadership; Intensity; We take these indications from observing the hawk in nature. 8-12), and of peace and deliverance from anxiety. The Hebrew word includes various species of Falconidae, with special reference perhaps to the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), the hobby (Hypotriorchis subbuteo), and the lesser kestrel (Tin, Cenchris). The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you 8 What is the meaning of a Black Hawk? 9 What does it mean when a hawk hits your window? 10 What do you do if a hawk attacks you? 11 How do you attract hawks? 12 What does a hawk symbolize in Japanese culture? 13 What is the spiritual meaning of a red tailed hawk? 14 What can you do with hawk feathers? 15 Are hawks friendly to humans? A symbol of gentleness, innocence, and tender affection from early Christian times, also of the Holy Spirit (as in Genesis viii. HAWK is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. The purpose of totem animals is to transfer messages sent from nature to you and if your totem animal is a hawk then you must pay attention to them in case they are trying to relay to you Oct 18, 2016 · Physical Meaning You are being asked to trust in a situation at work that is linked with your finances. That is the true essence of Hawk. There are around 270 species of hawks that can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Growth number: 7. White Fang learns that hunting is a perilous venture, but also a rewarding one. " Funny Pun Bird Names. Oct 26, 2021 · November 1, 2015 at 9:15 am. Hawks tend to surprise their prey, swooping down on it from above. When Emperor Charlemagne united Europe under Christianity, he used a double headed eagle to represent him. Red-tailed Hawks are monogamous, meaning that a hawk will choose one mate and stay with that mate for life. It is common in Syria and surrounding countries. The traditional date of the war’s commencement is 9 April 1865 but tensions had been mounting for years. Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak (aka Black Hawk) Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak [ Mahkate:wi-meši-ke:hke:hkwa] means "be a large black hawk". The hawk spirit animal indicates that you have the tendency to use your vision and intuition. As a pup, White Fang observes a hawk swoop down and kill a mother ptarmigan, (a small chicken-like bird that resides in the arctic). It is a good omen. any of various birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, having a short, hooked beak, broad wings, and curved talons. One is from the French word “espervier,” which means “sparrow hawk. A hawk crying overhead may be a warning, Hawk meaning and symbolism includes honesty and being prepared to take on a challenge, in the case of a diving Hawk. Political meaning "person who advocates peace" attested by 1917, from the Christian dove of peace